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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Getting Something For Nothing

Ever wondered how you can get some of your holiday gifts for free? Oh do I love the word "FREE!" Getting something for nothing, the feeling just can't be beat. Whether it's using coupons, stumbling on a buy 1, get 1 free sale, or a company that wants you to promote a product for them and is willing to send you a free full size product to hold a giveaway on your blog or write about it, it all has the same result, I get something for nothing. Free, the very word is mellifluous.

One of my favorite ways to save money and often get things for free is to use CVS Pharmacy's Extra Care Bucks. (CVS has double bucks right now!) Other stores have similar promotions, but I admit, I am in love with CVS. It is possibly the most dangerous store to go into when I am trying NOT to spend money. I've learned to only go in with exactly the amount of money I need to purchase what is on my list (always things I get Extra Care Bucks back from purchasing) and nothing else. I also always take my coupons holder in with me (filled with the Extra Care Bucks I've earned on previous visits.)

While I cut coupons religiously. I haven't moved to electronic coupons on my cell phone yet, it's a hassle to get to the place on the 'net that I have to in order to get access to them, but sooner or later I'll find just the right app to make this easy. 

My other favorite way to save dollars is to act as a hostess for home party companies. Whether it's Pampered Chef, Tastefully Simple, Tupperware, or my personal favorite, Avon, you can earn free products just by inviting your friends to your home and letting them shop from your living room! Wow, how easy is that? This is particularly effective near the holidays when people are shopping for gifts and are looking for a way to avoid THE MALL.

What can you expect to earn? It varies with the rep and the company, but you can often earn 20% of your gross sales. So if you invite a few good friends, fill your living room with fun, and shop till they drop you can earn a nice chunk of product. Be sure to choose a company whose product you need or want to give as a gift. Some companies have 'hostess gifts' others offer you a choice from their current catalog.

I admit, after doing this a few times for my Avon lady I was hooked. Since I love their high end face creams and lotions it's nice to be able to earn my product by having a few friend over. Friends who can't make it can shop online. How cool is that?

So if you are looking for a way to finance your holiday gifts without finance charges, consider hosting some holiday home parties to help pay for your gift purchases. I can hear it calling me now... FREE PRODUCTS, FREE PRODUCTS, FREE PRODUCTS!

Eventually I got so hooked that I became the Avon lady, but I still go to and host home parties to earn the gifts or products I love! I didn't even attempt to list all the companies that do home parties, you probably know them all. If not, let me know and I'll pull together a list.

If you live in Delaware County and want to act as the hostess for an Avon home party (and earn free gifts) you can reach me via my Avon website, just look for the little envelope that says "contact me." If you live in the surrounding counties I can help you as well.

Do you have a home party in your future? (Not to mention free gifts?) Oh yeah, the word 'free' just makes me smile!

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