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Friday, November 9, 2012

Acorns Aren't Just For Squirrels Anymore

Yes, it's true, acorns aren't just for squirrels. They're for people too. I was reading a cupcake blog the other day and came across a recipe for acorn cupcakes. Yes, that's right, acorn cupcakes. Must admit I'd never heard of them.

Out of curiosity I googled the term. It seems that some of the cupcakes are simply decorated with acorns on top (fake ones of course) like the photo above, while still others are make using acorn flour. See the photo below.

Acorn flour? Hmm... guess it adds a nutty flavor, sure to please all the squirrels if your family doesn't like them. Also acorn flour is that great buzz word "Gluten Free." Aficionados suggest mixing it half and half with another type of flour to get the best taste.

Seriously though, it seems you can grind your own acorn flour using acorns from your yard that you wrest from the paws of those rascally little rodents before they can bury them in your front yard. You grind them between two rocks. Too primitive for your?

Actually according the cupcake blog, Cupcake Project, acorn flour was originally made by Native Americans and is the best way to eat acorns. It has a walnut-like flavor, a nice change from your white flour. Unfortunately, it can take three days to grind your own.

However the good news is you can also purchase it in your local Korean supermarket, this would be my option. Or you can buy it online at Sue's Acorn Cafe and Mill.

But if you are looking for a long term family project that your kids will enjoy, let them help you gather and grind the acorns, perfect for little Pilgrims and Indians at Thanksgiving. Learn how to make your own acorn flour here. It will make great family photos of all of you working together to create part of your Thanksgiving feast.

Cupcake Project is one of the most creative blogs out there. If this project doesn't appeal, they have dozens of other great ideas that are fun for bakers at every level. And even if you don't bake but just like to read about food, it's a great read.

Let me know if you decide to make some acorn cupcakes. Would love to know how your grinding turns out. I'm going to go the easy way, and order the flour online.

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