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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Flying High--Her Majesty and Bond, James Bond

YouTube Video courtesy of the BBC

The 2012 Summer Olympics will bring together the world in a huge display of incredible sportsmanship. But whose the real sport in these games in London? The Queen. The opening of these Olympics drew every country together and into the Her Majesty's jest of her arrival with Bond, James Bond, Daniel Craig.

Of course I can't imagine anyone turning down a few minutes with Craig. It just goes to show Her Majesty still retains her sense of humor despite all the years she has put in at her very serious job as Queen.

Watch as Her Majesty (seems to) parachute into the Opening Ceremonies. Loved it! I do love a queen with a sense of humor!

It will be a long time before someone is able to top her entrance and welcome to the world at the Summer Games 2012. Kudos to Her Majesty, the Queen. She's a lady with style.

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