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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Atlantic City Moving To A Family Friendly Vacation Spot

Video from Urban Daddy

What is Duality and why will your kids love it? Duality takes light and music and magic and morphs them all into an incredible light show! Duality, a light show extravaganza in  Atlantic City, New Jersey is an incredible combination of art, magic and computers and electronics.

I know, you thought AC was just a bunch of slot machines and roulette tables and a ho-hum boardwalk. That's not the Atlantic City of today! AC is working on revitalizing the city, taking it to a family destination and not just a gambling destination. The new Dualtiy 3-D Light Show is a great step in the right direction!

Duality opened on the night of July 4th, with a show was specially created for AC by Moment Factory. This light show brings its unique vision to Boardwalk Hall through an extraordinary fusion of light and sound. You won't believe your eyes!

They took the old Art Deco Boardwalk Hall and brought it into the 21st century by adding video-mapping technology, an original music score and stunning lights and animation. The music offers you a combo of electronic, orchestral and indie pop sounds while you watch Boardwalk Hall disolve and then be re-born.

The historic facade of Boardwalk Hall is perfect for this ambitious project and I have to say they really pulled it off! Even if you aren't in AC for you entire vacation, be sure to head over and see this great new show. And don't forget AC also offers some great magic shows for your kids (or the kid in you) and some other family friendly shows.

I admit I was entranced! I could watch it over and over and over again! (I guess it's the kid in me!) The only problem for AC? They could lose all their gamblers to the light show!


  1. Awesome duality. This is the perfect vacation spots for kids and for the whole family, it is the oregon beach rentals best destinations.

  2. Hi Charlotte, duality is so so incredible! The video doesn't even do it justice! Thanks for commenting. I've never made it out to Oregon's beaches...hmmm..road trip time?