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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Do The Craze - Just Two More Days

You have just two more days to do the current "Do The Craze," a contest run on the web page in conjunction with Skittles and iJustine.  What is "Do The Craze?"

"Do The Craze" this month is a contest where you upload a short video showing a mispronunciation or mispronunciations that make you crazy! So, what makes you crazy? Remember, they are looking for the most outlandish mispronunciation! Hm mm...

Some contestants put up a commonly mispronounced word (Like gyro--how do you pronounce that anyway?) Others had a whole library of words. Come on, we can do it. Hey for $1000 even I would put my mugg on the Cambio web site. (I know, how embarrassing the things one will do for cash!)

See the official rules and regs and get your video up! They want to know what the next mispronunciation CRAZE will be!

So you can turn a word into an abbreviation or just totally screw up how you pronounce it (kind of like my kids who called roast beef roast beast for years! And now, well every once in awhile it still slips out!)

So if you aren't embarrassed to show your face on Cambio site under iJustine and Skittles and their contest, get producing your newest video!  Or if your kids haven't bagged a summer job, get them producing one! Hey, $1000 is $1000. There are examples of what's already been entered so you know what your competition is! Get to it!

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