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Friday, March 30, 2012

Taking The Easy Way

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As I was growing up the adults in my life repeatedly reminded me about the evils of taking the easy way... but I don't think this staircase is what they had in mind! This stairway makes you do all the work on the way up--then you can slide the rest of the way down! Whhhhheeeee! Kind of like sliding down a banister...but better.

Of course I suppose I would also have been reminded to be more lady-like... and to modulate my voice (because there's no way to take this slide without yelling on the way down!) I also don't think this stairway would have worked well in mini skirts (or at least not for the slider). The view for the guys at the bottom... well I guess they'd enjoy the view but my face would be crimson!

I laughed when I showed this to my husband whose first reaction was "wow wish we'd had one at the frat house in college." Although I suspect he meant it would have made getting downstairs after a few beers would have been much easier than taking a circular stairway or any other stairs! Not that I think they'd have objected to the view of female party goers sliding down in skirts!

Do you take the easy way out in life? Or do you just see this stair-slide as a reminder to keep a little bit of the child in all of us. Yes, this photo is just full of life lessons.  Too bad Mom, you missed your chance to turn this one into a life lesson for me... maybe for the great grands?

Thursday, March 29, 2012

I'm Mad As Hell And I'm Not Going To Take It Anymore!

Kristi Roberts received stunning news from officials at her daughter's school--her disabled 5 year old daughter will no longer be allowed to use her walker but will have to regress to using a wheelchair during the school day. 

Why? School officials state "Basically she can't use the walker because we don't believe it is safe."

Safe? I don't think there are too many children who haven't fallen at school, whether on a playground or parking lot, it happens. Kids fall. They fall at home. They fall at school. They fall at camp. But when it happens to a child who is not disabled we do not make them go back to being transported around in a stroller. This is what the New Caney Independent School District is asking LaKay to do by making her go back to a wheelchair. They want to take away LaKay Roberts' independence. They want to make her dependent on a wheelchair for mobility.

LaKay Roberts has cerebral palsy and epilepsy. Her mom has worked hard with her daughter, her child's physicians and therapists to make LaKay as mobile as possible. To her mom this means LaKay shouldn't have to be restricted to a wheelchair during the school day. Yet this is just what school officials want to do. LaKay has used a walker for the past two years, yet school officials insist that she regress back to a wheelchair. 

LaKay's Mom is begging school officials to please let her daughter walk. She said "If she can walk now, please, let her walk. Don't strap her in a wheelchair. We've worked so hard. She's worked so hard."


Kristi Roberts tried to convince the New Caney Independent School District but they remained unmoved. They insist the child must use her wheelchair despite laws that state a child must be in 'the least restrictive environment.' It seems to me a wheelchair is certainly more restrictive than a walker.

The New Caney Independent School District (odd name for a district that is restricting a child's independence) did not listen to Kristi's pleas for her daughter's independence, they insisted that because young LaKay Roberts had fallen in a school parking lot it wasn't safe for the child to use a walker. To quote officials "Basically she can't use the walker because we don't believe it's safe."

You and I both know what the New Caney School District is doing is applying one standard to disabled children and another standard to the non-disabled school population. The school district is determined to force Kristi Roberts and her daughter to take this case to court. The district insists they have LaKay's best interests at heart and that they haven't gotten an OK from her physician for the child to use her walker without her braces. I hope LaKay's parents have a great lawyer.  Usually I'm not a big fan of lawsuits, but in this case...BRING IT ON!

Paula Robson from the District Attorney's office stated “The decision was arrived at by this child’s special education team was that the child would be evaluated further and that there would be more information forthcoming from her private physicians and therapists to make sure she was being served safely and appropriately before the use of the walker continued.”

Her mother's statement? “She deserves the best life she can live,” Kristi told Shamlian. “And nobody can define that but her.”

As I read this I was reminded of Howard Beale in the movie "Network" where he says "All I know is first you've got to say "I'm a HUMAN BEING DAMN IT! My life has VALUE!" Obviously the school district has decided that LaKay's independence in life is not as valuable as a non-disabled child. And if that doesn't make you want to get out there and shout in the streets I don't know what will. As a parent of a disabled child I am angry. I'm MAD! And I'm just not going to take it anymore!

So if you see a window sash thrown up in Drexel Hill tonight and a woman yelling out Howard Beale's speech from the movie Network you'll know what's going on. I've finally had it with school systems that have one set of rules for kids in regular ed and another set for the special education population! I'm mad as HELL and I'm NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE!

The real question is ARE YOU? Are you going to join the outcry against this school system? Or are you going to let them trample this child's right to an equal education? Or are you going to let her school district get away with it?

And if today LaKay, tomorrow maybe it will be a right of YOUR child or grandchild that's taken away.... and then you'll wonder why. Why no one cares. Why no one is doing anything. Why no one else is mad as hell for them. Maybe it's because you have to care about others first, and no one responded when LaKay needed your help.  So speak up, speak out, and throw up your window sashes...and YELL "I'm mad as HELL and I'm NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE!" Just like Howard Beale. Do it for LaKay. Do it for your children.  Do it so everyone has equal rights to an education.

You have power! Use it! Use your voice. Use your pen. Use your blog or computer. Let the New Caney Independent School District hear how you feel about the way they are handling this situation.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Avon and Breast Cancer

Are you walking in the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer? Or are you looking for another way to support this cause?

Visit your Avon representative in person or online and see the new products available that make a perfect Mother's Day Gift. Whether you purchase a scarf, shirt (shirts are available for men and women and in multiple styles and colors,) umbrella, or other product, help Avon fight this disease.  If you can't walk, support someone who does and/or buy products that support the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer, this disease effects us all, if not directly than through family and friends.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Facebook Access and Potential Employers

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More and more employers are demanding potential employees surrender their facebook log in and password as part of the job interview. So if you are a potential employee who has embarassing photos or just personal information you are not comfortable sharing with a potential employer, beware what you post on facebook or be prepared to walk out of a job interview.

What's your opinion? Do companies have the right to view your facebook page as a prescreening tool for a job applicant? Is nothing private? Even though facebook's rules and regs prevent this potential misuse of their pages, job applicants are between a rock and a hard place--just how badly do they want that job? And how much would their facebook page be an embarassment to them or to a potential employer? Would your facebook page lose you a job?

I almost hate to admit just how boring my facebook page is... mostly blog post promotions, contests I've entered, other sites I like.  But I really object to an employer invading ANY potential employee's privacy by asking for access to any password protected site. There's a reason there is a password on the site. And a reason no one has access unless you 'friend' them. What's next? Will they want access to my email accounts? My Amazon account? Will they want to know what books I read? What restaurants I like? What I buy on eBAY? And are my medical records next? Can the ask what church I belong to or do not belong to?

Asking for a facebook password is like asking what size underwear an employee wears--none of their business. If an employer is unable to evaluate a potential employee well enough from interviews, references, and other information they can access without a password there is something wrong with the system. And any employer who continues to ask for this information will not need to wait for the government to shut down the practice, they will shut down their access to the best and the brightest who decide they don't want to work for a company with this policy and will take their very marketable skills elsewhere. So companies who continue to insisit on facebook password access are likely to end up with the dregs of the employment pool.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Shopping and

etsy infographic

Familiar with Etsy is a website that allows individual crafters, artists and artisans to have their own individual stores selling their 'wares' to interested individuals. It's easier than having your own individual website and for a small fee Etsy runs the main site and you just upload what you are selling.

Ever wonder what makes work? How it compares to shopping at your local mall or brick and mortar retailer? This informatic gives you a breakdown of the how and why and when of Etsy versus our 'old' shopping habits. Learn how Etsy can save you money and give you a wardrobe or home that is 'made' in your individual style.

In my grandmothers' and my mother's days Etsy wasn't around. They had to rely on their own ability to sew or craft (my mom is pretty good, unfortunately I didn't inherit that gift). Or they had to go to craft fairs at the local church or school. We've come a long way baby! And Etsy has liberated women who can't craft from a life of ho hum clothes and accessories by giving us access to great artists and artisans who CAN!

So if your grandmother was one of those ladies who sat there and 'tatted' tablecloths (I can't imagine being able to do that!) or did needlepoint, embroidery or cross stitch, or who made sweaters for everyone, the 'less crafty' of us today can rejoice! We can still have homes with the same homemade look without putting in the hours of labor our mothers did thanks to

So, a toast! To the ladies who can, from a lady who can't but is happy to pay your prices for your skillful artistic creations.  And to the developers of Long Live Etsy!

Friday, March 16, 2012

When You Literally Can't Get Your Foot In The Door: Disability, Accessibility and Unemployment

Disability. Accessibility. Unemployment.  Three things that are intertwined. Being disabled and not able to get into an office that is hiring just adds insult to injury.

If you're a TAB (better known as one of the "Temporarily Able Bodied") you've likely not faced this trio of issues. But the key word is temporarily. Like most of you a few years ago I was also 'able bodied.' A few days ago I faced literally being unable to 'get my foot in the door' to apply for a job. Yes, as a TAB I had never realized just how good I had it. 

If you're like the majority of working age Americans you don't give a second thought to businesses being handicapped accessible. Until it hits home.  It did for me last week. It hit hard.

I've been job hunting for over two years (yes I'm that statistic the government doesn't want to tell you about, the unemployed who no longer qualify for unemployment but who are still unemployed.) I had applied for a job  and was excited when they called for a interview. I really needed the job. Those two LONG years of being unemployed are taking their toll on my confidence. But being called in for this interview rejuvenated me! I spent hours researching the types of business they handled, brushed up on my computer skills, curled my hair, did my makeup, got dressed in my most businesslike attire. 

But when I arrived, (my usual 15 minutes early,) I was dismayed to find I couldn't get into the office. I tried one way, then another, there was no way to get up the steps to the office. It wasn't handicapped accessible. I was told 'next time before I apply I should check out the business' office' to see if I could get into it. I think the person who said this was trying to be helpful, he just didn't get it. He's not the one who can't get into the office. At least today he isn't. Temporarily he can access the office. I hope he never faces not being able to get into the office.

I understand the difficulty of installing a ramp, especially for small businesses. As an individual I'm facing the cost and design issues at home. I don't have a wheelchair but steps are difficult but doable, but all I needed to get into this job interview was to be able to reach a railing. A safe railing so I could get up the steps. Unfortunately the railing was blocked. A small thing (although what use a railing people can't reach is I'm not sure.) But it is really the first time my 'disability' hit me hard. My disability meant I couldn't get into the office to interview for the job, let alone work there. And I don't even have what I would call a 'serious' disability. I can still get around with some limitations using my cane, at least I can get around some places.

The people interviewing me apologized. But the cold hard fact is even if they'd wanted to hire me, even if I was the best qualified person in the world for that job, I wouldn't have gotten it. Because I couldn't get into the office to work. (Obviously a reasonable job requirement.) Now I realize just how the rest of the disabled population feels when they come up against this, over and over and over.

I've face sidewalk ramps that are too steep to be usable without falling (Thank you Springfield Mall, and they aren't the only ones). It's common to find sidewalk ramps that are too steep for someone with a disability to navigate if they are using a cane, (and probably even if they are in a wheelchair that doesn't have some power behind it.) I've found steps that are too high to negotiate even with railings, curbs that are too high, ramps that ice up and aren't salted when it snows, railings that are so loose that if you are disabled and needed the railing for support, it is dangerous, and the list goes on.

So the next time you hear those unemployment numbers and think 'wow every one's finally getting a job,' the cold hard facts are NOT everyone is getting jobs. Huge numbers of people will never be employed again. They've been unemployed so long they aren't even counted anymore.  And some people who are otherwise employable literally can't get their foot in the door. Because they can't get up the steps to be interviewed or to work. By not making all buildings accessible the government is basically telling me 'you don't count.'

I've become a statistic. An invisible statistic. Come the election you won't hear the candidates of either party talking about me, or others like me. Because they don't know what to do with us. We face employers who look at our resume and see 'unemployed since 2010' or underemployed since 2010 and they put our resumes in the circular file. The only choices we are left with is to find some kind of self-employment where we will be paid so far below what we made previously and not be able to afford the health insurance we so badly need. So since the government doesn't count me as unemployed anymore, AND they either aren't enforcing or don't require accessibility to all businesses (which is just another way of telling me I am not important enough to have businesses have to provide access,) and... the list goes on of the ways the government has marginalized the disabled and the unemployed. And God forbid you are both.

Are you disabled? Have you faced these issues? Let's try to put some pressure on our government, both federal and local, to enforce accessibility laws, to help educate local businesses on cost efficient ways to make their business accessible, and give the disabled a chance to at least 'get their foot in the door.'

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Join The 'A' Team - Team Abby That Is!

'A' Team? Team Abby that is. The Team Abby Foundation is a group who provide comfort and support to parents with babies in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia PA. Team Abby gives 'care bags' to families with babies in the NICU who are facing the stressors of having an infant who was delivered prematurely or with special medical needs.

Most of us have never had an infant in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. But imagine what it's like to have a seriously ill infant, often a preemie, with multiple medical problems. And then imagine how hard it is to sit there day after day, unable to do much to help them.  But a few things parents can do is read to them, record their voices so when they aren't there the infant hears their voices, and provide a 'lovie' or mobile for over their tiny isolette. The founder of Team Abby had her daughter in Jefferson's NICU and understands the stressors and needs of families with infants in the NICU, so she decided to make and deliver 'care packages' or bags filled with some things to make the time these parents and their infants spend in the NICU a little bit less stressful.

The bags are delivered filled with some necessities that help ease the strain of having your newborn in the NICU. The bags have receiving blankets, board books, or 'lovies' to cheer up an isolette. Other items Team Abby puts in their bags are listed here.   Board books can be new or 'gently used.' Blankets can also be very gently used.

With your help, Team Abby can deliver Care Bags to families facing the unknowns of NICU life, give them in the comfort and hope they need so they can maintain a positive outlook for their babies.

Visit their website to find out where to make cash donations.  Visit Team Abby's blog to read more about ways to help. You can also purchase items through the link on the Team Abby website. This way Team Abby not only gets the book or item you donate but receive affiliate $$ from Amazon.

If you're asking yourself how you can help others this year, donate to Team Abby. Or if you are cleaning out the bookcases of board books your children are too old for, look and see if some of them are still in great condition and donate them to Team Abby.

The Thomas Jefferson University Hospital NICU serves both Philadelphia and the surrounding counties as well as patients from New Jersey and Delaware. They are part of the AI duPont/Nemours healthcare family.

**Team Abby is a parent organized foundation and is not run by Thomas Jefferson University Hospital or Nemours/duPont.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Buying A Bigger Booty--The Black Madam And The Appeal Of Bigger Buttocks

The Black Madam has been in the news lately in the Philadelphia area. Allegedly she gave injections to women to increase the size of their uh... posterior. Buttock enhancement...say it isn't so! It surely must be a cultural thing because as far as I know, no one I know wants a bigger backside. In fact most of us would willingly give half of ours away so we don't have to spend quite so much time at the gym trying to get rid of it! And we surely aren't letting some non-medical practitioner pump us with a 'mystery substance' and then cover the wound with superglue.

The idea of paying someone anything (let alone up to $1400 the Black Madam allegedly charged some 'clients) to give me dangerous injections purportedly to make my backside bigger? Just not happening here. I know the beauty of size is in the eye of the beholder...obviously I'm not a fan of big buttocks.

But if you're considering this 'enhancement' here's something to consider: There are just two medically legitimate ways in the United States to reliably enhance the buttocks, silicone implants and fat grafting. (By a plastic surgeon, not some stranger in a hotel room!) Fat grafting is the procedure of choice, but medical grade silicone may be used for patients without enough body fat to graft.

No matter what anyone tells you, the use of products from your local home improvement store will NOT work. Using caulk, silicone, Fix-a-Flat or cement from your local home improvement store is NOT a medically approved or safe way to enhance body parts. None of these products are designed or safe for medical use. It's why they are sold in the home improvement store and not a pharmacy!
(The picture in my mind of someone trying to use Fix-a-Flat to boost their booty size... boggles the mind.)

A large backside can cause a variety of problems. First there's the all important 'I can't find jeans to fit.' Finding a good pair of jeans that fit is hard enough with a 'normal' size backside, but by enhancing it you make it just that much harder to walk into The Gap to buy a pair of jeans that fit.

Next there's the 'can't fit in a seat' problem. Whether the seat is at the ball park, on an airplane, at the movies or theater, in a roller coaster or even in a car, seat size issues increase proportionally with the size of your backside.

But by far the worst? The terror of looking in a mirror (especially one of the ones in the store that show you sides and back) or even seeing your reflection as you walk down the street is the worst.  Seeing the sight that others see as you waddle down the street...not a pretty sight.

Bigger just isn't always better. But paying for bigger? No, I just don't get it. I mean would you pay for a bigger NOSE? bigger ears? And the fact is I don't get the plumped lips or breast enhancements either. No way am I going to PAY to enhance the size of any body part. But the Black Madam? HOW DID YOU EVER TALK PEOPLE INTO PARTING WITH THEIR CASH FOR BIGGER BACKSIDES? I mean they could have bought a case of Tastycakes and eaten their way to bigger buttocks. Or headed to the local fast food joint and eaten multiple burgers and fries. The options for adding poundage are all available at your local grocery store. Of course there is no guarantee the poundage will go where you want it.

Obviously you could be selling real estate in swamps. You wasted your talent on the small potatoes. You should have been frying bigger fish and raking in bigger bucks instead of shooting up the buttocks of strangers in hotel rooms. Just a thought for your next occupation once your legal issues are resolved.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

No Shirt, No Shoes, ... No Subscription

To ELLE Magazine that is. If ELLE Magazine, Harper's Bazaar, Vanity Fair, Marie Claire and German Vogue think I find their cover shots of naked pregnant celebs attractive, they need to think again. ELLE is the most recent offender with their shot of a nude Jessica Simpson 'gracing' their cover. While I may be in the minority I had to speak up (I know, I'm never shy about speaking up, which of course you've figured out if you've been reading my blog.)

While I won't claim to only read magazines 'for the articles,' I'd rather not have naked celebs staring up at me as I get my mail, or on my coffee table where I keep my magazines, or in my tote on the way to a meeting on the train. I have nothing against nudity. And yes, I get it, pregnancy is natural etc. etc. etc. But frankly, I don't want naked pregnant celebs blazoned across the covers of fashion mags (or the more upscale VF). I like feeling like I can grab a magazine and head out of the house without worrying about covering the magazine with a brown paper cover.

I know, Americans are prudes compared to the people around the world. And I'm an OLD prude! In a time when kids (and even some old politicos) are 'sexting' I just don't see the appeal.

I know our art museums are filled with paintings of famous nudes. Somehow I don't see Jessica Simpson et. al. becoming the artistic nudes of our day. So to any other magazines who'd like me to continue to subscribe, please, nix the nude pregnant celebs 'gracing' your covers.

What do you think? Do you like the nude celeb covers on your magazines?

Friday, March 9, 2012

Let There Be Light? The Religion of Upcycling

Photo courtesy of cityup on

OK. I'll admit, I spend too much time on Pinterest. Way too much time, usually because I'm hunting for that perfect recipe that both looks AND tastes good (extremely difficult to find both in one recipe sometimes!) And while there I run across some DIY projects that make me go Hmm.  This is one of those. Actually to be strictly fair, I ran across another DIY lighting project, and that link took me to this one!

I warn you now. This IS NOT a Martha S. project. While it is functional, unlike Martha projects I am not dying to have one of these in my home. I don't regret my lack of DIY skills over this one. No this is a DIY project that I'll happily leave to someone else. Both the doing and owning. (All my funny friends out there PLEASE DO NOT make me one for my birthday, I WILL REGIFT!)

For those of you looking for a plunger like this, it's called a 'bellows plunger' for obvious reasons. You can pick one up on Amazon for under $11 in designer blue. But even in designer blue, I really don't want to upcycle one!

In case you haven't identified the product that has been upcycled, it's your favorite (and one presumes used, but cleaned) toilet bowl plunger. THEY MUST BE KIDDING! If you follow the links under the photo it's easy enough to assemble (just be careful of some of the comments that tell you how to best clean it, a few could burn your eyes out).  But the IDEA. I mean I'm all for upcycling. But... but... OK, for once I am nearly speechless. Sputtering. Befuddled. As to WHY anyone would upcycle a PLUNGER!

Upcycling by definition is:

"the process of converting waste materials or useless products into new materials or products of better quality or a higher environmental value." (ty wikipedia!)

OK, I think someone took waste products a little too literally! The idea that anyone would be hitting their local garage sales (or even their own basements) and grabbing an old plunger to upcycle.... please tell me it isn't so?  And please tell me you wouldn't actually HANG IT UP in your living room or dining room.  (YUCK!)

I have finally found a good reason to stay off Pinterest and other DIY sites! Oh please, please, please! NO MORE! That beef stroganoff recipe that looked good but tasted like paper was bad enough, but please, no more bizarre upcycling projects! Since this is making me swear off Pinterest (for at least two weeks) I guess this means I'll be getting a lot more work done.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Nuclear Cowboys?

I admit to being a total novice when it comes to the Nuclear Cowboys.  I'm more familiar with the Rhinestone Cowboy or even plain old ordinary bronc busting cowboys.  But recently I won four tickets to see The Nuclear Cowboys at the IZOD Center in East Rutherford NJ in a giveaway sponsored by Jennifer Auer at Jersey Family Fun. I admit, I had no idea what to expect other than lots of noise and motorcross antics.

What I found when I got there was a family oriented show where every other attendee was under ten.  The kids were either with their moms or dads (or in the case of the family in front of us) even their grandparents. (Since I'm old enough to be a grandparent why should this surprise me?) 

If you're not familiar with this show it's like the X-Games meets Rock 'n Roll with a storyline that rivals a Broadway show. (reminded me of the Sharks and the Jets in West Side Story!)

The bikers were a fearless group of riders fighting the powerful Tempest.  Tempest uses laser beams to control the world. The FMX 'tribes' known as the Soldiers of Havoc and the Metal Mulisha® fight for their survival in the 2150 world of war torn Los Angeles. The Tempest (an evil if beautiful force) controls a cyborg army and the fight is on! (Of course added to mix are some Nuclear Cowgirls to ramp up the excitement.)

Be prepared for death defying stunts that seem to defy gravity and pyrotechnic and laser displays that are synced to rock alternative, heavy metal and eletronic music. These stunts are performed by recent X Games medalists as well as some world-class motorcross medalists. Nuclear Cowboys is a night of family fun on wheels! But bring your ear plugs! It sure is loud! And the laser and special effects will grab your attention and keep it throughout the show.

Video courtesy of YouTube

Fun sourveniers from Nuclear Cowboys for the kids included light up mohawks (so tempted to get one and make my husband wear it for a fun picture, but... figured he'd divorce over messing up his hair!) Lots of t-shirts and hats; action figures on their motorcross bikes were available as well. My daughter was dying for a copy of their soundtrack, unfortunately this wasn't available! As usual prices for these souveniers were high, but anymore that's what I have come to expect at shows and concerts. Keep in mind you can usually pick them up on their web site after the show for less.

I really liked the IZOD Center. We were warned it was confusing to get to but we just set the GPS and had no problem at all. The parking was easy and handicap accessible. If you're a grandparent (or anyone who needs accessiblity) if you call ahead they have seperate areas for you to sit that don't involve stairs that are almost like box seats, complete with comfortable folding chairs and lots of leg room, walker room or wheelchair room. Be sure to ask ahead of time though, I'm sure there is limited availability.

Staff at the IZOD Center were great. Unfailingly polite and helpful, although the guy at the cookie counter confused orders. Employees went out of their way to be helpful. The Center has them all wear nametags which makes it easy for you when you want to thank them. (Yes their service was that good!) The Will Call Window Staff were great as was William at the elevator and our usher.

If you missed the Nuclear Cowboys show at the IZOD Center at the Meadowlands in New Jersey, the next shows are going to be in Tacoma, Washington, Portland, Oregon, Ontario Canada and Mexico City. If you missed it this year be sure to keep track of next year's shows so you can see the show nearest to your house. 

Thank you Jersey Family Fun. This Pennsylvania family definitely had fun at Nuclear Cowboys at the IZOD Center.

**I won the tickets to this event as noted above. I was not asked to write this post in exchange for the tickets or any other compensation. Any opinion is my own and not influenced by being lucky enough to win a giveaway.

Thursday, March 1, 2012


Yes, blogging could truly be the death of me (the blogger) yet. But did you know it could be the death of you the blog reader too? Ah! See you can learn from my blogging!

Before you think this is just another one of my crackpot ways to get out of working, it's not actually the blogging itself that could kill me, it's the SITTING while I blog that could. Not only could it kill me, it could kill you. The sitting that is. And dead readers don't read blogs.

Recently it was reported that the following things increased the death rates:
(Info from WebMD) (Of course WebMD was not reporting on blogging death rates)

After adjusting for smoking, height/weight, and other factors, Patel's team found that compared to sitting less than three hours a day, sitting six or more hours a day:

• Increased the death rate by about 40% in women
• Increased the death rate by about 20% in men
• Increased the death rate by 94% in the least active women
• Increased the death rate by 48% in the least active men

Yes, it's true. Dead readers don't read blogs. And Dead Bloggers Can't Write Them Either!

OK. This is more than a little scary. Freelance writers (bloggers) are probably amoung the most sedentary occupations. So our death rate is probably right up there at the top (for once a poll you don't want to be at the top of.)

I'm a woman who sits more than six hours a day, my death rate got kicked up by a whopping 40%.  Not good, not good at all. Then comes "increased the death rate by 94% in the least active women."  Not sure I'm the least active, but I'm certainly closer to less active than more active. So I figure that's going to kick it up to about 65% (OK, not scientific, but just my guesstimate).

Here's the bottom line--I have to start getting up and moving around and exercising more during the day. Maybe set a timer to get up and move around every 20 minutes for about three minutes.  Much as I hate interrupting my work and the flow of thoughts and ideas while I'm working I'm going to have to make the effort. Even more I hate the idea of jumping jacks rattling my brain around in the middle of working, but it certainly is a better option that dying young.

But it's not just lack of exercise that causes premature death, excessive sitting increases the risks of cancer deaths as well. If that doesn't scare you off the couch or office chair nothing will. So get up, get moving.  Moving beats chemotherapy!

How can you try to counteract the 'sitting effect?' Get up every 20 minutes or so, do some moderate exercise just for short periods of time.  Alternate your sitting with activity that requires reaching, stretching, walking, running, jogging, whatever works.  If you're walking, take that time to make your phone calls. Most of us don't need to sit down to talk, so walk and talk. It's a matter of changing your habits. Set your kitchen timer or alarm on your cell phone to go off every 20 minutes.  If you're like me unless something tells you the 20 minutes are up, you'll still be typing away or running a new search, or other business related task. My house may be cleaner than usual as I now get that vacuum out and run it as part of my 'routine' movement plan.

When my daughter read about this study she told me I needed an exercise ball to sit on while I watch TV. My problem? I watch TV, work, and SIT all at the same time. I'm likely to break my neck! (Worse yet, the laptop!) So I think I'll skip my exercise ball unless I'm just watching TV or reading. 

So if you're SITTING there reading this, and haven't gotten up and done some moderate exercise in the last 20 minutes or so, it's time to get up and get moving. You can walk and read my blog at the same time!  No excuses! DEAD READERS DON'T READ BLOGS! So get up and get moving!