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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Shopping and

etsy infographic

Familiar with Etsy is a website that allows individual crafters, artists and artisans to have their own individual stores selling their 'wares' to interested individuals. It's easier than having your own individual website and for a small fee Etsy runs the main site and you just upload what you are selling.

Ever wonder what makes work? How it compares to shopping at your local mall or brick and mortar retailer? This informatic gives you a breakdown of the how and why and when of Etsy versus our 'old' shopping habits. Learn how Etsy can save you money and give you a wardrobe or home that is 'made' in your individual style.

In my grandmothers' and my mother's days Etsy wasn't around. They had to rely on their own ability to sew or craft (my mom is pretty good, unfortunately I didn't inherit that gift). Or they had to go to craft fairs at the local church or school. We've come a long way baby! And Etsy has liberated women who can't craft from a life of ho hum clothes and accessories by giving us access to great artists and artisans who CAN!

So if your grandmother was one of those ladies who sat there and 'tatted' tablecloths (I can't imagine being able to do that!) or did needlepoint, embroidery or cross stitch, or who made sweaters for everyone, the 'less crafty' of us today can rejoice! We can still have homes with the same homemade look without putting in the hours of labor our mothers did thanks to

So, a toast! To the ladies who can, from a lady who can't but is happy to pay your prices for your skillful artistic creations.  And to the developers of Long Live Etsy!

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