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Friday, March 30, 2012

Taking The Easy Way

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As I was growing up the adults in my life repeatedly reminded me about the evils of taking the easy way... but I don't think this staircase is what they had in mind! This stairway makes you do all the work on the way up--then you can slide the rest of the way down! Whhhhheeeee! Kind of like sliding down a banister...but better.

Of course I suppose I would also have been reminded to be more lady-like... and to modulate my voice (because there's no way to take this slide without yelling on the way down!) I also don't think this stairway would have worked well in mini skirts (or at least not for the slider). The view for the guys at the bottom... well I guess they'd enjoy the view but my face would be crimson!

I laughed when I showed this to my husband whose first reaction was "wow wish we'd had one at the frat house in college." Although I suspect he meant it would have made getting downstairs after a few beers would have been much easier than taking a circular stairway or any other stairs! Not that I think they'd have objected to the view of female party goers sliding down in skirts!

Do you take the easy way out in life? Or do you just see this stair-slide as a reminder to keep a little bit of the child in all of us. Yes, this photo is just full of life lessons.  Too bad Mom, you missed your chance to turn this one into a life lesson for me... maybe for the great grands?

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