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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Mad Mex Willow Grove--A Feast For Cal-Mex Lovers!

Photo courtesy of Facebook

There are some experiences not to be missed, visiting a Mad Mex (now open in Willow Grove) is one of them. 

One thing my mom taught me about food was at least try it once.  She was right, I almost always like what I try and end up going back for more.  I'll be back to Mad Mex, and maybe I'll bring Mom. She'd love Mad Mex.   

Ever visited Mad Mex? If not, head over to this newly opened restaurant at 2862 Moreland Road, Willow Grove PA (near Willow Grove Park Mall) and try some of their unusual entrees as well as some of their more traditional self-described 'funky Cal-Mex food.' 

Maybe you'll run into me and my mom enjoying some fresh Cal-Mex entrees or crisp salads.  Oh, and... possibly a margarita. Just one. (since that's all I need since Mad Mex has Big Azz 22 oz. margaritas and someone has to drive home.)

Yes, Mad Mex Willow Grove has your usual tacos, enchiladas, burritos, and nachos but they also have Pennsyltucky Fried Tofu as an appetizer (the name alone is enticing to anyone of a vegetarian bent) and some burritos only available for a limited time (one at Thanksgiving) known as their Gobblerito (unfortunately you missed it this year, try next November). It must be popular, Gobblerito has it's own Facebook page! And for Christmas? The pot roast based Feast Navidad Burrito -- I know, not your traditional burrito but hey, I'm always open to new ideas, not to mention food! (As long as it doesn't have any Brussels sprouts!) This burrito has Roast Beast (braised short ribs), roasted garlic-chili mashed potatoes, peas, carrots, pearl onions and gravy.  If you're not making it home for the holidays pick one up and nuke it for Christmas dinner!

Taking the kids with you to Mad Mex? Not to worry, Mad Mex has a children's menu.  It offers the perennial favorites like chicken fingers and mac and cheese but also some mini versions of adult Mad Mex choices.

Christmas wouldn't be complete (especially at Mad Mex Willow Grove) without a holiday inspired margarita, the NOG-A-RITA — Eggnog, Herradura Anejo, Grand Mariner and Frangelico served straight up and then dusted with nutmeg and powdered sugar. Or how about trying their Candy Cane and Apple Cider margaritas.  (Sorry, no take out on these!)

Be sure to visit and subscribe to Mad Mex on You Tube for more fun and updates on everything Mad Mex.  And when you go in, ask for our waiter, Rod, (hi Rod! hope you're reading this!) if you want spectacular service.  He was always on top of whatever we needed before we even knew we needed it.  The sure sign of a good waiter.

Photo Big Azz Margarita courtesy of Facebook

When you visit Mad Mex Willow Grove you can stick to the tried and true frozen margaritas, always a good, if safe, choice. But if you want a real treat and you're lucky, they'll be making kiwi margaritas the day you're there.  One of the faves in this restaurant.  But no matter what you choose, Mad Mex offers you over 40 different tequilas! Not bad, in fact probably better than my local liquor store.  Mad Mex Willow Grove also has an impressive array of beers on draft or bottled beers to enjoy if you're not into margaritas. 

Photo from Facebook

What's your favorite thing at Mad Mex Willow Grove? Comments welcome!

**The author was provided with dinner for two at Mad Mex Willow Grove.  Opinions in this post are the writers own and not influenced by Mad Mex Willow Grove or Corporate.

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