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Saturday, December 17, 2011

I've Heard of Dog and Pony Shows but...

I guess you could call this a cat and pony show. Facebook is a great place for catching a laugh at something totally absurd, but when I saw this posted the other day it made me chuckle.  I took their caption off so you could feel free to add your own.  Tell me, what would you caption this picture? 

Since I'm in the middle of wedding planning and just recently spent a stress filled day with a group of girls (well young women, but you get the idea) trying to choose bridesmaid dresses for my daughter's wedding you can guess where my mind went!)  NO they are not riding in on little ponies, it wasn't quite that bad.

My tag lines?
What do you mean you can't all wear the same color bridesmaid dress!
"Because I SAID SO!"

I mean they all sounded like Goldilocks in the well known fairy tale--this was too big, this was too small, but unfortunately nothing was JUST RIGHT!  And no one was shy about voicing their opinion! Hey I'm only the mother of the bride, but I think my daughter should have SOME say. 

As soon as I saw this photo all I could think of was shades of David's Bridal!  While we didn't have quite that many in the bridal party, their sense of style and favorite colors differed as much as any of The Little Ponies in the photo above.  And a few had hair styles to match (which I can only hope will be gone by the wedding day! I know, I know, I'm an old fuddy duddy!) 

By the fourth bridal salon I had had it! NO MORE! (OK, I exaggerate, it was only three salons but still, I was beat!) So we retreated to the closest restaurant so I could 'REST.'  If I were a drinking woman... but... no just off my feet and a little quiet time was what I needed. 

I mean I though when they grew up it would get I NUTS?  Did anyone else suffer from this delusion?  Mom you NEVER told me!  Were we this bad?  Are we still? 

Did any other mothers suffer from this same delusion? That the kids would grow up and life would be quieter? easier? simpler? less expensive? (oh yeah, wedding planning sure blows that one out of the water!).  I guess if I'd known I might not have made it this far... so maybe there's a reason not to know.  Now the question is... do I leave my daughters in blissful ignorance? 

If you read this blog long enough you may just find out!  Stay tuned!

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