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Thursday, December 29, 2011

How My Husband Got Religion At Kohl's

St. Andrew's Church photo courtesy of Lemax

Every Christmas my husband, just once, gets himself to our church, St. Andrews in Drexel Hill.  Yes church... it's hard to get him up and moving, he's not a terribly religious person nor does he like getting up in the morning.  So church is not high on his list of priorities.  But this Christmas my husband got religion.  I have to admit he's the last person I ever thought would be 'born again.'   But this Christmas season he got religion at Kohl's. 

Photo courtesy of Lemax

Yes, I know... I hear you saying to yourself, Kohl's? The Store? The one where I bought my kids boots and a new mixer? Yes THAT Kohl's. It seems it's not safe to send my husband into Kohl's or the hardware store. Now he has a new collection, but this time it's not houses, it's churches. LEMAX Churches. Not just one you understand, not just two, no he now is the proud owner of THREE churches. One has a gleaming gold cross on the steeple with his own personal minister out front. 

He found his very own St. Andrew's Church on the shelves of Kohl's.  It lights up and is decorated for Christmas, so now he has his own excuse to stay home from Christmas morning mass! Of course I threatened him with blaring hymns for him to listen to while I was at church and recording the sermon for him to listen to later.  Yes, Christmas morning mass is nothing like it used to be. 

Photo courtesy of Lemax

So now my husband doesn't even have to leave home to get religion.  Now he has his choice of three different churches in our living room.  Not quite the same as when my daughters decided to become Baptists (they go to church, real church).  Somehow I doubt their old pastor would be as upset over that as my husband's new religion.  The religion of "plugging in and sleeping in."  He lights up his churches and proceeds to catch another 40 winks.  Somehow I can't quite justify it... I'm still going to old fashioned church.  Some things never change!

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