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Monday, November 11, 2013

No Texting While Driving: Surprising Data

Safety Signs, Safety Tags, Safety Labels by Accuform Signs - Traffic Sign - No Texting
Photo from Accuform Signs

When are we going to learn not to try and text and drive at the same time? While we often hear the dangers of our teens texting while driving, statistics from a recent survey by AT&T shows that 49% of adult commuters admit to texting while driving versus 40% of teens who text and drive.

Wow! Who knew? Despite knowing the grave risks of texting while behind the wheel, adults are still texting away. They admit that 98% of them are aware of that driving and texting is a high risk activity but they still engage in it.

Six in ten adults admit to texting more now that they did three years ago. And 40% of those who admitted to texting while driving admit that it is a habit. Let's make this our habit to break this New Year's!

We can't expect our teens to not text behind the wheel if they see us doing it. While there may be fewer accidents with adults texting simply because they are more experienced drivers, there's no excuse for anyone driving and texting. So if you are one of those adults who text and drive, put the phone on silent mode and put it in the back seat so you can't reach for it when you are behind the wheel.  And don't forget, practice what you preach!

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