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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Gift That Makes You Smile

Have you ever been looking for a gift that will just make someone smile? We all know someone who is sick or whose family is having a hard time. So if you are looking for a way to make someone feel better on down days this is just what you need! Put together this Box of Sunshine for them. This box was designed and made by Ashley at Happy Money Saver (be sure to read the rest of her blog for other great ideas.)
Not only that, she has made some 'box of sunshine' printables to use on your box (which makes is so much easier than designing your own). Just fill the box with anything yellow (Ashley has some great specific ideas of frugal ways to pull this together in her post if you can't think of some on your own) or pick out your own choice of yellow gifts that will make the receipient smile.
Sometimes when you are in the Dollar Store just pick up that 'something yellow' to add to the box and you'll have everything you need except food products ready for when you need to send one of these.  Think of small yellow foods or drinks or candy or other items
I love this idea for sending to someone who is in the hospital or having a hard time. My best friend used to call things like this 'warm fuzzies' because it was something small that made the recipient feel all warm and fuzzy inside just knowing someone cared. So if you have someone you want to make smile and feel a little bit better on a down day, send them their very own box of sunshine.

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