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Friday, October 4, 2013

Planning A Happy Transition

Photo of Jennifer Oxenford, Kate Vecchione and Nancy Vecchione
Volunteering at Alex's Lemonade Stand at Bertucci's in
Springfield, PA (Photo courtesy of Darla DeMorrow)
Part of being happy in your transition to living independently is making new friends and becoming involved in the community. Kate joined Jennifer Oxenford, Kelly Moran and Darla DeMorrow helping raise money for Alex's Lemonade Stand and having fun at the same time.
Choose your favorite charity or a way to give back to your community and join in. You'll find you make new friends and expand your support group.
They group also raised money with other friends at the Springfield Mall earlier in the month.
How can you give back or expand your horizons?
  • find your own favorite charity
  • help coach a team
  • work on improving the environment of your home town
  • join a political campaign
  • help with a scout troop or other group for children
  • volunteer with your church
  • work with the ARC in your county to improve services
  • join a community theater group
  • join your choir or choral group
  • check out Meetups in your area for hiking groups, cooking groups, and more.
  • volunteer at your food pantry
  • work at the senior center
  • and a variety of other choices that fit your own personality

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