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Monday, August 12, 2013

Lemonade Without the Lemons?

Photo courtesy of Very Best Baking
How can you make lemonade without the lemons? Try Brazilian lemonade. Brazilian Lemonade? Hmmm... sounds promising on a hot day, so why not give it a try? The folks at NESTLÉ® offer this great recipe--the trick? American Brazilian lemonade uses common limes not  Brazilian lemons. Huh? Lemonade without the lemons? Well it seems Brazilian Lemons look and have a flavor similar to our common limes so sub our limes for Brazilian Lemons to get a similar flavor.
Brazilian lemonade is rich and creamy and perfect for a hot hot day. Make it and serve it right away for the very best taste. Finally a new use for your trusty blender! This recipe makes 8 servings of 1 cup each or 4 servings in a tall frosty glass.
4 common limes (wash carefully)
6 C water, divided
1 C granulated sugar, divided
1/2C sweetened condensed milk, divided
14 ice cube (1 tray), divided (plus more for glasses when serving)
Take washed limes and slice off the ends. Cut each lime into eight wedges (yes, you leave the rinds on! bizarre I know!) Put sixteen wedges, half the water, half the water, half the sugar and half the condensed milk and ice in your favorite blender. Cover, blend only 20 seconds. Do not over blend it will make your lemonade bitter.) Strain into a pitcher using a fine mesh strainer(not your pasta strainer with the wide holes). This removes remaining rind pieces. Repeat with other half of your ingredients. Now you have a large pitcher of cool and refreshing Brazilian lemonade--sure doesn't taste like that powdered stuff or even frozen concentrates!
If your guests are looking for a zing with their drink, add some Bacardi rum.
We made this for a cookout recently and it was a huge hit. So give your backyard cookout some zip and serve Brazilian lemonade.

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