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Monday, July 29, 2013

It's National Lasagna Day!

Photo courtesy of Bertucci's

Lasagna....yum! One of my favorite Italian foods. I make it myself at home but sometimes (like in the summer) when it's really hot I don't want to heat up my house by using my oven. So what's the perfect solution? Head to your local Bertucci's (mine is on Baltimore Pike in Springfield PA) and enjoy their version. So easy! So fast! And best of all, it tastes great without heating up your house. The perfect solution in the summertime.

Not only that but Bertucci's sent me an email with a $5 off coupon--what can be better? I don't have to cook and save money! I knew there was a reason I love Bertucci's! Be sure to sign up for their email club so you too can get wonderful money saving emails and notices of new menu items.

What else do I love about Bertucci's? Their rolls. OK, yes I admit, filled with calories but so good to snack on while you wait for your entree and eat your salad. And speaking of salads, try not just their house dressing but their balsamic vinaigrette, it takes their house salad from veggies with Italian dressing to a heavenly dining experience!

I won't tell you all my favorite things at Bertucci's, I'll save that for some tweets (look for them marked #BertuccisBest #BertuccisSpringfieldPA) and of course if you follow me on Facebook you'll probably hear all about my latest trip to Bertucci's.

Now you know you want that lasagna tonight don't you? Go Bertucci's Springfield PA!

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