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Sunday, September 16, 2012

How You Can 'Master the Mommy Track'

As a women who wears many hats (and who sometimes wonders just how many hours it is possible to work in a single day) I thought some of you might be facing the same dilemmas. So I'll share a new resource to help you find a solution that works for you and your family.

Mastering The Mommy Track Cover Shot posted with permission of Erin Flynn Jay

Although my children are now adults, my life is no less busy (how did that happen?) and this book addresses a lot of issues for women of all ages who are trying to manage to keep all the balls in the air!

I hope you enjoy my review of Mastering The Mommy Track: Juggling Career and Kids in Uncertain Times, a new book by Erin Flynn Jay.

Mommy Track tells the stories of career moms trying to balance the demands of their careers, spouses and families. How do they do it all? It isn't easy, but the stories in her book show that it is doable! (With a little help from friends, family and experts)

What makes Erin an expert? She is a wife, mom and career woman who successfully juggles it all. A successful writer in her own right, Erin also works promoting other professionals and small businesses. So yes, she does know what she's talking about.

Erin also talked to experts in a variety of fields getting their expert opinions to help busy moms get a better take on how to handle their day to day lives.

In her book she tells us stories of moms facing a variety of dilemmas in modern day life. Are you a mom who feels conflicted as she drops her child off at daycare? Or a mom who works while her spouse stays home taking care of the kids? Has your family suddenly gone from a two income family to one due to layoffs? Are you having a hard time making time for you and your spouse? Mommy Track addresses the issues of being a parent and a spouse and how to maintain your financial, marital, psychological and nutritional health, and the all important time management! And perhaps best of all, Mommy Track reminds you that yes, it is OK to take time out for yourself. What more could you ask for in one small book?

Mastering the Mommy Track is a serious look at women and the stories of their lives as they struggle through the changes in our society and the economy of the early 21st century. It gives women valuable input on how to manage their home and work lives with a positive attitude toward both.

Special order your copy of Mastering The Mommy Track: Juggling Career and Kids in Uncertain Times by Erin Flynn Jay at your local independent bookstore like Towne Book Centre in Collegeville, Pennsylvania or your own favorite local store to support the local economy.

Or if you can't get to your local independent bookstore, you can order Mommy Track online from Amazon or order it from Barnes and Noble (it doesn't take you directly to the page, hit 'search button and it takes you directly to the page) online.

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