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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Go Orange For Hunger Action Month

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No, I'm not hungry. I'm one of the lucky ones. But that doesn't mean I'm not involved with It doesn't mean I'm not going orange for hunger action month.
We all have a personal responsibility to help those in need. Whether we volunteer, or just drop off food at food banks, send a check, or invite a family we know is struggling to dinner we all can make an impact on hunger in America--hunger in our own communities--friends who are struggling, family who need help. Stop and think about who in your circle of friends and acquaintances might be hungry. Then take action.
The action you take may be different than what your neighbor does. This isn't a race to see 'who can top this.' This is about taking personal action and doing or donating what you can. Sometimes it's time, sometimes it's money, sometimes it is increasing awareness of hunger in our communities. Sometimes it's donating that overflow from your garden to someone who needs it.
Whether you set up a virtual food drive, give money on a monthly basis, or when it comes to someone's birthday, donate in their name, offers dozens of ways you can donate anything from $12 and up. $12 helps feed a child breakfast for three months--think of it--three months without a child going hungry each morning. What greater gift could there be?
It is also important in these days of legislative cutbacks to let your senators and representatives know that you want them to vote to keep food programs alive and well funded. There are many government programs that are simply waste. We need them to know this is a program that has non-negotiable cuts.
Go to  to find the names and addresses of your representatives. If you don't have time to write a personal letter to your elected officials set up a tweet that you can re-tweet frequently to remind them of your priorities. Post on their facebook pages. Get their attention using whatever means you like.
They work for you--be sure they know taking action against hunger is top priority.
To find out more about hunger and look for blogging sites that have 'gone orange' for the month. Hear personal stories that will tug at your your heart. And then do something about it.
Are you a blogger looking for information? Read Creating Motherhood. It is all about a call to action. Will  you help fight hunger in our country? I hope the answer is yes.



  1. Glad to see fellow Philly bloggers getting involved! We are lucky that we have such a great chapter here locally with Philabundance. The post at Creating Motherhood looks great too- thanks for the tip!

  2. Thanks Sarah. Will ck out the creating motherhood post as well. This is an important project for everyone.