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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Willow Grove Goes Mad for Mad Mex!

Yes, Willow Grove and the surrounding towns are all about to go mad for Mad Mex! Opening a new location in Willow Grove, the Cal-Mex restaurant, Mad Mex is offering a free lunch or dinner for up to four people to their facebook fans! Head over to their facebook page and check out their wall for info on how to score a free pass to check out Mad Mex Willow Grove on its very first day of service, Tuesday, November 8, 2011.  Reservation are available for both lunch (11am - 2pm) or dinner (5pm-10pm). 

If you've never been to Mad Mex before be sure to try one of their Bad Azz Margaritas!  So so good!  I love the mango but there are lots to choose from.  Mad Mex serves Cal Mex food --they're known for it being funky and fresh (but alas, they didn't want any of the squirrel meat I wanted to give them, I figured squirrel enchiladas would have been REALLY MAD).  But after a few margaritas you'll have the confidence to defeat ANY BAD AZZ Squirrel!  But they DO have a special November treat known as the Gobblerito. 

What is a Gobblerito? You guessed it...a turkey burrito.  But not just ANY turkey burrito, no, this one has turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing and corn with spices and some obligatory black beans! (Oh yes, and a side of cranberry sauce! What else?)

But whether you're looking for an unusual burrito or a spicy delicious and fresh traditional burrito Max Mex is the place to go! For other locations see their web page.  So far Mad Mex is only in Ohio and Pennsylvania, so if you live in another state it's either time for a road trip or a raft of letters to Mad Mex corporate about why they should open a Mad Mex in your hometown.  Oh yes, and if you're writing letters would you ask them why they don't have a Squirrelito? Someone must want all these squirrels in my backyard!

**The author will be compensated for writing about their opinion of Mad Mex by receiving the aforementioned 'free lunch/and or dinner'. All opinions are the authors' own and are an honest appraisal of the product or location or deal available. And the author doesn't REALLY hunt squirrels, kill them or do them any harm so no letters from PETA please! The squirrel portion of this post is meant to be tongue in cheek just in case you missed the point!

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