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Monday, November 7, 2011

Is This You?

Is this you? Do you want it to be? I've always vacillated back and forth between would I rather be that hell on wheels woman 'the devil' fears or do I want to be the woman everyone says nice things about.  After all, sometimes NICE is sooo boring... but then again... 

Of course my husband who loves nothing better than to sleep in on a weekend probably says 'oh no, she's up!' all the time!  I admit, I'm a neurotic early bird.  If it's 5AM and I'm not up it's an unusual day.  And it throws the rest of my day off if I sleep in.  Not only that, much to my husband's dismay I am HAPPY early in the morning! BEFORE coffee!  Are you a day person or night person? Slug a bed or up and moving early? And does the devil say "OH NO SHE'S UP" when YOUR feet hit the floor?

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