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Monday, July 18, 2011

Growing Up Watching Birdfeeders

Growing up we always had bird feeders outside our windows.  Over the years we watched squirrels consume more birdseed than the birds--finally along came feeders that let us feed just the birds, not the squirrels.  The grosbeaks and cardinals finally triumphed over mangy gray squirrels!

Sometimes the squirrels were defeated by technological feats designed by birders, sometimes the use of simple home grown ideas did the trick. And other times, alas, the squirrels consumed all the seed meant for the birds we loved.
Super Stop A Squirrel Wild Bird Feeder by Homestead (available on and other retailers)(I do not personally recommend any feeders, just providing some options for your to explore, please research their efficacy on your own)

Defeating the marauding squirrels became a family pastime.  To me defeating the squirrels became a life lesson in caring for the people in our lives who were important to us and avoiding the toxic people who try to steal all the seeds of joy from life.

 Are you a bird or a squirrel?  Are you on the side of the birds or the squirrels? Hmmmm...

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