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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Building A Better Mousetrap

Businesses are always trying to build a better mousetrap... or in the case of Creative Building Concepts of Boise Idaho, build a better door for your entry closet, pantry, linen closet, wine room, under stairway storage, or office, even for your media room.
All photos courtesy of Creative Building Concepts.

Creative Building Concepts makes doors that are totally functional and that will fit into most new or existing openings in your home. Some doors are purely functional, and are designed to add storage space or help you better organize the space you have. Still other doors, like the media room door, designed to look like a ticket booth, serve a more specific purpose for less prosaic use.

All photos courtesy of Creative Building Concepts.

If you read the testimonials, you'll find some writers credit the installation of these doors to helping to sell their home.  Who wouldn't want to buy a home with the charm and uniqueness of having a doorway into a 'hidden room?' And in this tough market that might be enough of a reason to install one? What kid wouldn't want a room that is hidden with one of these unique doorways?  Or even what adult wouldn't love showing off their 'hidden room?' 

All photos courtesy of Creative Building Concepts.

Adults may buy into the organizational and storage uses, but still others are entranced with the media room doorway as well as the wine room door. It seems we're all kids at heart when it comes to these doors that let us have a 'hidden room.'  

All photos courtesy of Creative Building Concepts.

Browse the photo gallery at Creative Building Concepts and then contact them with your specific needs before ordering. 

Better organization using these interesting doors by Creative Building Concepts is the perfect way to start off your new year.  If it's true that an organized home is the sign of an organized mind, Creative Building Concepts can help us all!  But what do I love about their products? The doors by Creative Building Concepts are a sign of thinking outside the box. Organization they can keep, the cool 'WOW' factor is what I want! 

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